Aaron Barnhart has been creating beautiful and thought provoking music for over a decade.  His latest release “Every Broken Thing” is an expression of gratitude to Jesus Christ for His sacrifice at the cross. Over the last several years, Aaron’s music has become a reflection of his spiritual journey as a worship leader and songwriter.  

    Recorded at Brick and Mortar Studios in Hollywood California and penned by Barnhart over the course of a year, Every Broken Thing speaks of the healing power that can only be found through God’s love and grace. The four song EP seamlessly blends rock, folk, and electronic influences into an inspiring sonic tapestry that reveals new insights upon every listen.

    The single “People Get Ready” is a powerful wake up call for all who would follow Christ.  Drenched in layered guitar work and powerful drumming, the single urges Christ’s bride to stay vigilant and prepare. “The bridge of the song makes a simple but powerful statement that I keep coming back to in my life: help me to live like you want me to live Jesus. Every time I sing it I’m reminded that I just can’t do it on my own, I need God at the helm.”
     “I Believe” is a simple declaration of faith. John 5:24 tells us:
Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.
“Sometimes the most important things are the simplest. I thought about all the martyrs who died for their faith and how in the face of certain death there was always one constant: I believe in Jesus and nothing can separate me from his love.”
    The title track “Every Broken Thing” was the starting point for the project and carries the EPs main message of redemption and healing through Christ’s love.
“Throughout the Gospel Jesus tells us time and again that love is the most transformative and crucial element in our spiritual journey. I wanted to write something that spoke of how no matter how damaged we are as people, there is nothing that can’t be redeemed and made whole through God’s love.”

    “On the Water We Walk” speaks of Peter’s leap of faith amidst the storm.
“The image of Jesus standing a few yards away with hands outstretched, calling us to step into dark waters and walk by faith was powerful to me. I wanted to write a song that explored the idea of living by faith and stepping into the unknown”

    Aaron continues to write music and glorify the Lord through his role as worship pastor at Monmouth Christian Church in Monmouth Oregon. Aaron plans to release a live EP in 2016.